Rev. Kevin & Janetha Martin - founders

The Pentecostal Church of Atascocita (POA) is pastored by Rev. Kevin Martin and began as a daughter work of Royalwood Pentecostal Church on June 23, 2002. On June 16, 2004, the United Pentecostal South Texas District Board approved The Pentecostal Church of Atascocita to become autonomous with Home Mission status. God was nowhere near done performing miracles for POA, in May 2006 we obtained one acre of land completely debt free and built our first church building. We now have acquired 4 acres of land and have built a second sanctuary, bringing us from a small storefront to over 25,000 square ft. all together!

We want to thank you for your interest in Life Christian Academy. We are living in unprecedented times. Now more than ever the world needs strong Christians, disciples ready to face the challenges and the pressures of the world we are currently living in.

We knew that it was time for us to take a stand against the spiritual warfare our children are fighting in their everyday lives. God has confirmed the opening of this school and we are beyond thrilled to offer students, parents, and families with a safe alternative to public school. Basing their academics with Bible led education and teaching our children that there is one powerful almighty savior and that His name is Jesus! 

  • aLEX mATZAR - principal

    Alex Matzar received a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Houston in 2010.  Alex worked for 9 years in Halliburton Technology Center in the Applied Science group focusing in reservoir rock characterization, fracture mechanics, and complex fracture network propagation. He has also published and collaborated in various technical papers and patent submissions for Halliburton. Later, he joined Milwaukee Tools where he led several projects to manufacture tool components to meet dimensional specification and performance.

    With a love of engineering also comes a love for math. In his spare time Alex has always taken the time to tutor high school and college students in upper-level math. Alex is also a passionate musician and enjoys teaching music to both children and adults. 

    Currently he serves in the music ministry at The Pentecostal Church of Atascocita and is excited to translate his expertise as an engineer, researcher, musician and educator to Life Christian Academy.

  • JENNIFER MATZAR - assistant principal

    Jennifer Matzar received a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology with a minor in Health Education from the University of Houston in 2012. While teaching pre-kindergarten she discovered a deep love for sharing science with her students. Her experience with teaching small children made her realize her love for all things teaching! 

    Jennifer has obtained several certificates in early childhood education geared towards STEAM, STEM, inclusion for children with special needs and positive guidance for early childhood education. 

  • Jennifer Carter - Lead Teacher

    Jennifer Carter has been part of the Pentecostal Church of Atascocita family for years. She has served in various ministries and has joyfully lent a helping hand to various departments at POA. Jennifer is an experienced homeschool mom. She has homeschooled her boys for years and has vast experience following and implementing curriculum.

    Jennifer has also been a huge blessing to the POA kids’ ministry. Armed with a passion for children and young people, she has taught and ministered to them wholeheartedly. A seasoned Sunday school teacher and mother of five, she has mastered the art of patience and is no stranger to working with both young children and teenagers.